Heat reclaim ventilation


Ventilation with heat recovery as standard


Product Features

  • Energy saving ventilation using indoor heating, cooling and moisture recovery
  • Free cooling possible when outdoor temperature is below indoor temperature (eg. during nighttime)
  • Can be used as stand alone or integrated in the Sky Air or VRV system
  • Specially developed heat exchange element with High Efficiency Paper (HEP)
  • Total solution for fresh air with Daikin supply of both VAM / VKM and electrical heaters
  • Ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices requiring maximum floor space for furniture, decorations and fittings
  • Wide range of units: air flow rate from 150 up to 2,000 m³/h
  • No drain piping needed
  • Can operate in over- and under pressure
  • Heat exchange, bypass and fresh-up mode available
  • Pre-cool / pre-heat control reduces air conditioning load by not running the HRV shortly after the air conditioning is switched on
  • Supply rich mode prevents back-flow of toilet/kitchen odours or moisture inflow by raising the air supply to maintain proper room pressure
  • Exhaust fresh-up prevents the leaking of odours or floating bacteria into other rooms by raising exhaust air to decrease room pressure
  • Low operation sound level
  • Dust prevention keeps the fan in an interlocked indoor unit turning, so dust does not fall from the air filter when the HRV is operating independently

Technical details


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