Specifications Table for RZR-MYM

Casing Colour   Ivory white
Dimensions Unit Height mm 1,170
    Width mm 900
    Depth mm 320
Weight Unit kg 101
Heat exchanger Rows Quantity   2
  Fin pitch mm 1.40
  Face area 1.01
  Stages Quantity   52
  Tube type   Cross fin coil
Fan Type   Propeller fan
  Air flow rate Cooling Nom. m³/min 95
Fan motor Output W 70
Fan motor 2 Output W 70.00
Compressor Model   JT1G-VDYR@T
  Type   Hermetically sealed scroll compressor
  Output W 2,900.0
Operation range Cooling Ambient Min. °CDB -5
      Max. °CDB 52
Sound pressure level Cooling Nom. dBA 50
Refrigerant Type   R-410A
  Charge kg 3.70
  Control   Expansion valve (electronic type)
  GWP   2,087.5
Refrigerant oil Type   Refer to the name plate of the compressor
  Charged volume l 1.2
Piping connections Liquid Type   Flare connection
    OD mm 9,52
  Gas Type   Flare connection
    OD mm 15.9
  Drain Type   Hole
    OD mm 26
  Piping length OU - IU Max. m 70
    System Equivalent m 90
      Chargeless m 30
  Level difference IU - OU Max. m 30.0
Capacity control Method   Inverter controlled
Safety devices Item 01   High pressure switch
    02   Fuse
Power supply Phase   3N~
  Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 380-415/380
Current - 50Hz Maximum fuse amps (MFA) A 16
Current - 60Hz Maximum fuse amps (MFA) A 16