Specifications Table for LCBKQ-AV1

Refrigerating capacity Low temperature Nom. kW 3.35 (1)
Casing Colour   Ivory white (Munsell code: 5Y7.5/1)
Dimensions Unit Height mm 480
    Width mm 680
    Depth mm 310
Weight Unit kg 47
Compressor Type   Hermetically sealed swing compressor
  Frequency ON/OFF   Less than 6 times/hour
  Number of revolutions rpm 6,540
  Output W 1,300
  Piston displacement m³/h 10.16
  Starting method   Direct on line (inverter driven)
Fan Type   Propeller fan
  Air flow rate Cooling Nom. m³/min 1.6
Operation range Ambient temperature Max. °C 43
    Min. °C -15
  Evaporator Cooling Max. °CDB -20
      Min. °CDB -45
Refrigerant Type   R-410A
  GWP   2,087.5
  Control   Electronic expansion valve
Refrigerant oil Type   Daphne FVC50K + FVC68D
  Charged volume l 0.85, 0.5
Piping connections For indoor unit Gas OD mm 15.9
      Type   C1220T (Brazing connection)
  To outdoor unit Gas OD mm 9.5
      Type   C1220T (Brazing connection)
  For outdoor unit Liquid OD mm 6.35
      Type   C1220T (Brazing connection)
  To indoor unit Liquid OD mm 6.35
      Type   C1220T (Brazing connection)
  Level difference Booster unit - IU Booster unit in highest position   10m or less
  Piping length System Booster unit - IU   30m or less
  Suction Super heat K 10K or more
Preset temperature difference Evaporation temperature OU - evaporation temperature booster unit   10K or more
Minimum connection load Indoor unit kW 0.43
Safety devices Item 01   High pressure switch
    02   Inverter overload protector
Power supply Phase   1~
  Frequency Hz 50
  Frequency range Min. % -2
    Max. % 2
  Voltage V 220-240
  Unbalanced load Min. % -2
    Max. % 2
Voltage range Min. % -10
  Max. % 10
Notes Evaporating temp. -35°C; outdoor temp. 32°C; suction SH 10K; saturated temp. to discharge pressure of booster unit -10°C
  See separate drawing for operation range & capacity tables
  Install the oil trap per 5m from the outdoor unit
  Its functioning relies on fluorinated greenhouse gases