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Air to water low temperature

Air to water low temperature heat pumps

Daikin Altherma low temperature units use air-to-water heat pump technology to heat, cool, and provide hot water highly energy-efficiently.

Wall Mounted - Daikin Product Group

Wall Mounted

With stylish indoor units, a wide range of models and controls for each room, Daikin wall mounted units in MiddleEast gives you comfortable, energy-efficient solutions for your living room, bedroom, office etc.


The optimized Combination of Efficiency, Comfort and Flexibility

Floor Standing

The ideal way to save space, our floor-standing units can easily be installed along a perimeter wall.



Less is more.

Concealed Ceiling

Comfort solutions for all your needs

fan coil unit.PNG

Fan Coil Units


Concealed Floor Standing

The air distribution from these models will allow you to find the right balance for classrooms, churches, office hallways or similar spaces

Air to water high temperature

Air to water high temperature heat pumps

Easily replace your old heating and hot water system with our energy efficient Daikin Altherma high temperature heat pump.

Oil Condensing

Oil condensing boilers

Daikin provides the most efficient oil boiler, using innovative condensing technology to heat your home and supply hot water.

Air to air heat pump

Air to Air Heat Pumps

Daikin air-to-air heat pumps use the renewable energy source of the outside air to heat and cool your home efficiently.

Hybrid heat pump

Hybrid heat pump

Efficiently combine renewable and traditional energy sources with a Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water.

Domestic hot water heatpump

Domestic hot water heat pumps

Choose the most energy-efficient hot water heating system on the market with our domestic hot water heat pumps.

Gas Condensing

Gas condensing boilers

Daikin gas condensing boilers are energy-efficient and easy to install, making it ideal for renovations and traditional gas boiler replacements.

Ground to water heat pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Daikin Ground Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the ground to efficiently provide heating, cooling and hot water.

Sky Air

Sky Air

Daikin Sky Air is a total solution air-conditioning system, providing heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification to medium or small buildings.

Biddle Air Curtain

Biddle Air Curtains

Prevent heat loss and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your building with our Biddle Air Curtains.

Altherma Flex Type

Daikin Altherma Flex Type

Daikin Altherma flex type uses two refrigerant cycles in combination to provide the ideal water temperature range and heating capacity in an efficient way.


Chillers & air-side equipment

Daikin offers efficient and reliable water cooled and air cooled chillers, as well as air handling units and fan coil units for any large or small need.


Round Flow Cassette

The Round Flow Cassette is an indoor air-conditioning unit with 360° airflow and an auto-cleaning function, providing the best in comfort and efficiency.


Fully Flat Cassette

An award-winning Daikin ceiling cassette, our Fully Flat Cassette is an indoor air conditioning unit that blends into any interior seamlessly.


Air handling units & ventilation systems

Daikin provides highly efficient Air handling units, for both small and large-scale ventilation, circulating fresh air through any building.



Daikin refrigeration systems are engineered for reliable and efficient industrial and commercial refrigeration

Daikin Altherma HPC

Heat pump convector

The Daikin Altherma HPC is a heat pump convector that can connect to underfloor heating and replace outdated radiators. Its near-silent operation and elegant design make it a great option for bedrooms and living rooms

Intelligent Control Systems

Control systems

From central online control of your climate at home, to multi-zone building management systems, Daikin puts you in total control at all times.

Pre Fabricated Modular Solution

Pre Fabricated Modular Solution

Pre - fabricated modular solutions provide much needed flexibility for various construction projects of the public and private sector.

Ceiling Suspended

Ideal solution for commercial spaces with narrow or no false ceilings

Air Purification

Air purification

Daikin air purifiers minimise allergy & asthma symptoms by removing dust particles & pollen & keep you healthy by filtering airborne bacteria & viruses.


Daikin Air filtration Unit

The Daikin air filtration unit upholds our promise to provide cleaner and healthier indoor climates in homes, offices and commercial spaces around the world.

Solutions for each climate need

At Daikin, we offer the largest selection of heating and cooling solutions to suit all environments and personal preferences. Learn more about the options available to you by choosing an application.